Son Of A ....

Posted by Matt on Dec 4, 2007

I just PCS'd (military) and the movers destroyed my Chesapeake 16...wore through the 'glass on the bow; punched a 6" diameter hole all the way through the bottom of the kayak, etc.

All of this after setting up "special" transportation for it because it was over 14' long... (I found out later that "special" transportation consisted of UPS freight).

Anyway, I'm looking for two things...somewhere that sells COMPLETED wooden kayaks comparable to the Chesapeake (so that I can file my claim with the carrier's insurance -- fortunately it's for "full replacement value"), and some insight on how best to patch a big friggin' hole in the deck of my formerly beautiful boat (it hadn't even been in the water yet; was waiting for final sanding and varnish).

Thanks in advance for the help; I'm going to go be angry for a while longer...