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Posted by Laszlo on Dec 5, 2007


The CLC Boat Bazaar has new & used boats for sale that could be used to claim a comparable price. For example, there's a new, professionally-built 17LT for $2700.

Some pictures would help with getting you the correct advice. If that's not possible, a more detailed description could do.

In general, material that is pushed in but mostly intact can sometimes be pushed back out and anchored with more glass. Lost or badly damaged material needs to be replaced with a wooden patch, also anchored with fiberglass.

For the smoothest repairs, all damaged material should be removed and a patch applied. The principle is the same as a scarf joint.

The hole can be reshaped for appearance. For best strength it should be round or oval, no square corners - they're stress concentrators. The edges should be tapered. The glass should be sanded off for about 2 inches in the area beyond the taper. The transition between bare wood & glass should also be a smooth taper.

The patch should be cut to about 1/16" or 1/8" smaller than the hole and its edges tapered to match the hole. Glue it in the same way you glued the scarfs together, with the top surface of the patch level with the top surface of the existing wood (not the existing glass). Once it's cured, sand it smooth.

Now you need 2 layers of glass. The first should cover the patch and the bare area around it. It should just barely overlap the existing glass. Once that's cured, sand the overlap smooth. The second piece of glass should cover everything the first piece did, along with an additional 2 inch overlap onto the existing glass. Once this is cured, it's just a matter of fairing it in.

A sheet of glass on the inside of the patch should complete it structurally. If it's in a really high stress area or you're feeling paranoid, use 2 layers.

Depending on the size and shape of the patch, you might be able to camouflage it with an overlay, a painted pattern, etc.

Good luck and give the morons hell, they deserve it.


For Sale: Professionally Built 17 LT

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