Re: Restoring a hand-me-d

Posted by Dave Gentry on Jun 10, 2007

Hi - I'd say that you're not getting the deck off w/o some probably serious damage to the wood - like at least ripping off the bottom ply wherever it's been epoxied down: sheer clamps, deck beams, end pours, and, presumably, bulkheads. That's if you try to pry it up. You *might* get better results if you saw the deck off. What a job that would be - ugh. Anyway, if it were me, I'd absolutely skip the deck removal, and instead I'd just reach up inside the boat and fix the bulkhead with some fiberglass tape and epoxy. Seems vastly simpler, much quicker, less likely to result in truly screwing up the boat, etc. It's inside the hull, right? Ergo, no one is going to be seeing it. There's the added advantage that the glass will add strength to the deck.

There are ways - other than sanding - to remove surface discoloration in wood. You might want to check them out if you'd like an alternative to onlay on your deck. Another option might be to dye the deck before you glass it.

Good luck!

In Response to: Restoring a hand-me-down by Mark C. on Jun 10, 2007