Re: Restoring a hand-me-d

Posted by Mark C. on Jun 11, 2007

The front bulkhead has easy access. Glassing that would seal it from the middle compartment but would it provide the needed structural strength as well?

Also, if we don't remove the deck, I wont be able to reach far enough into the forward and aft compartments to effectivly sand and epoxy the surface at the ends. Maybe I am getting hung up where there isn't really a problem. I can't see any water damage in the interor, so perhaps the thin coat of whatever sealant is there is enough. (Again I am unsure what it is sealed with). Am I correct in assuming I can't do just a light sand without knowing what it is? Maybe if I take it to our local marine supply they could tell me if its epoxy or varnish. Epoxy will bond with just a light sand? The deck is nailed/epoxied by the way.

Thanks so much for your prompt replies.

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