Re: Restoring a hand-me-d

Posted by Mark C. on Jun 11, 2007

The interior floor of the Kayak has a bit of a crackle pattern in it- like you see in old fiberglass motor boats. Only the bottom edges of the interor have visible fiberglass tape. The interior sides are slightly darker than the deck, and have no surface gloss. Its a similar appearance to a satin polyurethane. I think whatever it is it did penetrate some.

We only wanted to do the deck removal if we could reuse it. That is for cost considerations as much as anything. Once we have this project in hand, then we will dive into a full new kit. I'm eyeing the Chesapeake Double so I can take along my 3 year old. We considered modifying the rear hatch in our current Kayak to allow him to use it as a cockpit but ultimately decided against it - safty concerns.

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