Posted by CLC on Jun 7, 2007

VC-17 is an anti-fouling paint by Interlux, meant to prevent marine organisms from growing on the underbodies of heavy vessels that stay in the water for months at a time. It's comprised of copper particles and Teflon. VC-17 is the antifouling paint of choice for large racing sailboats and large powerboats that live in the water. It's smoother than the usual herbicidal bottom paints---thus the preference amongst yachtties---but not remotely as smooth as the topside finishes used on homebuilt kayaks. I don't think it's as toxic as common bottom paints, but it would be enormously unpleasant to apply and live with on a kayak. It's also very heavy.

I'm told by various learned types that the usual topside paint or varnish wetsanded to 400 grit is the absolutely fastest possible surface moving through the water.

For speed, a lot of exercise and a better forward stroke is probably the equal of any amount of suffering over a kayak finish.

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