Re: With a greenland stic

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 9, 2007

No matter what you call it, there's an awful lot of fun to be had from really exploring your paddle. It can do tons more stuff than merely propel a boat, and it can even propel a boat in tons of different ways. The paddle is a much more dynamic thing than most give it credit for being.

When I'm giving instruction, one of the first things I tell my victims is to always play with their paddle, to never ever just sit there and do nothing. Scull it lightly; practice ultra light little braces; chop the water gently, and vary the angle of entry; practice blade orientation without looking (hint: let the water help); make everything you do quiet. Just play with it, play with it, play with it, and watch what's happening.

"You can observe an awful lot just by watching." -- Yogi Berra

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