VHF 16 to 22a

Posted by adambolonsky on Jun 3, 2007

Some might not know that if your call on 16 is low level, such as a pan-pan or securite, the watchstander will likely ask you to switch to 22a.

It happens on this audio file.

The caller strikes me as a little impressed with himself, but that's just my reaction.

But listen to how crisp and cryptic the responding units broacsasts are.

Anyway, the audio might be helpful.

It can be confusing to be asked to switch channels, if you don't know to expect it.

I know it was for me first time I contacted the CG from my kayak for communications assistance when I needed to reach a landbased operator.

pan-pan w/ channel 22a switch: http://paddlingtravelers.blogspot.com/2007/05/vhf-channel-16-pan-pan-to-channel-22a.html

Channel 16 to 22A