Re: Shearwater kits

Posted by John Short on May 16, 2007

1. The hull is built and temporary forms are installed in order to build the deck, either sheet or hybrid. Once the deck is built, remove it and then the temp forms are removed. Once deck's underside is glassed, it is attachedwith epoxy at the seams and then glass taping the inside seam. There are tricks to this, but I don't know them, one is to be born with a long arm and a little head!

2. As far as adding a second "day hatch" with coresponding additional bulkhead, I would not do that and opt for one of the day hatches that have a dry bag attached to the entrance and your few belongings go in this bag that the hatch can be made accessible from behind your backrest.

3. No idea about a skeg, have read from some that it handles weather cocking quite well.

4. All things that get epoxy on them and can't be re-used, rollers, brushes, gloves, etc.

In Response to: Shearwater kits by Brian on May 16, 2007