Re: Shearwater kits

Posted by Brian on May 16, 2007

That's a good idea about the day hatch with a dry bag attached. Do you know of a supplier for something like that, because I only see the hatch cover available here. I've tried doing a web search for one. But I apparently don't know the right wording to use.

Regarding the rollers, brushes, and such, the other part of that question was how many of those should I expect to need? I'd hate to have to lose some good working time because I drastically underordered. On the other hand, I'd rather not finish and have piles of foam brushes, rollers, and epoxy spreaders sitting around. Too many excess things like that sitting around at the end are likely to lead to another $1000 kit to keep them from going to waste.

In Response to: Re: Shearwater kits by John Short on May 16, 2007