spraying epoxy

Posted by Jay on May 1, 2007

So, I ran into this guy at the Southeastern canoe and kayak festival a couple of weeks ago, that's a builder. He builds "CLC style" boats, but he makes fiberglass hulls with Okoume decks. I got to talking to him about the decks, as I was pretty impressed with his finishes, and he claimed to spray the epoxy on. No deck 'glass, either. Using MAS, he said he microwaved the resin to thin it, then mixed the hardener. I can't remember the amount-to-time ratio. Is he F.O.S.? Does anyone else have any experience with this? He didn't know much about his spray gun, e.g.-nozzle size and such, which led me to believe he may have inhaled one too many V.O.C.'s in his day. let me know if this is a viable method. I think he even said that he used medium hardener. I just don't see how this isn't setting up in his gun, or even boiling in the pot if he heats it up, mixes med. hardener, and then it heats up "en masse."