Re: spraying epoxy

Posted by Craig Burlette on May 3, 2007

There is (was?) an inexpensive paint sprayer used to apply Butyrate dope finishes to fabric aircraft coverings. It was simply a siphon feed sprayer that used a paper cup to hold the paint and a plastic cocktail straw as the siphon tube. It was quite basic in that the air blasted across the straw at a 90 degree angle and siphoned the material out. Clean up was nil as you simply threw away the paper cup and straw. Control was very basic in that you upped the pressure for more paint, too little pressure, or too thick of a material, and the gun stopped working. It was great for butyrate or nitrate finishes because they were almost entirely VOC's and most of the material flashed off, so the goal was to apply as thick a layer, without sags or runs, as possible.

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