sealing bukheads

Posted by Tom on Sep 16, 2006

Hello folks; I am a new CLC owner, having bought a CLC 18 from a neighbor who was relocating to Arizona. Overall, I am very pleased with my new boat and have recieved numerous compliments on its finish and speed. There is one issue, however that is a little troubling to me. Neither the front or aft bulkheads are sealed to the underside of the deck; in fact, there is a gap of nearly 1/8" between the bulkheads and the deck. During a capsize, (yes there have been a few... I spent an afternoon practicing assisted and self-rescue) water inevitably runs into both bulkheads.

As I said, I bought this boat, I did not build it, so I have not seen the plans/instructions. There is much I do not know about the construction of this boat or its performance characteristics.

My question(s) are: 1. Is this a mistake on the part of the builder, or is this an inherent characteristic of this type of construction? He seems to have done a very good job on the rest of the boat, so this one issue seems out of character with the rest of his work.

2. Can (or even should) this be remedied? Can this gap be filled/sealed in some way, or will this interfere with the natural flexing of the deck and hull on the water?

I would appreciate any guidance that you more experienced builders can give.

Regards, Tom