Re: sealing bukheads

Posted by CLC on Sep 17, 2006

>>> there is a gap of nearly 1/8" between the bulkheads and the deck.>>>

The builder got lazy. This needs to get fixed, as those are supposed to be watertight bulkheads. You'd be surprised how much water could get through a 1/8" gap, right when you need those compartments to be watertight.

Epoxy, thickened to a putty, is the way to fill those gaps. However, the surfaces in those areas need to be cleaned and sanded lightly before the epoxy will stick.

Turn the boat upside down on sawhorses and kneel in the cockpit to access the bulkheads. This is a lot easier and more ergonomic than it sounds.

In Response to: sealing bukheads by Tom on Sep 16, 2006