fast learner

Posted by LeeG on Aug 22, 2006

congrats,,a few things I relied on when the light bulb went off. 1. pause a moment before setting up

2. it's a clear assymetric effort in your torso, one side crunches, one side stretches. beginners often limit the hip snap or position during the sweep by sitting up while upside down(blade dives) or relying on leaning back with a sweep to finish (which slows down the roll). Leaning back in the sweep may look cool,,and is one of many rolls but

3. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN,,that's usually the one that keeps people from coming up half the time. Beginners relying on laying back with the bracing part of the sweep to bring them up usually mistake laying back for the hip snap and they utilize a symetrical torso effort and less hip snap to finish. The result is a head in line with the spine and a SLOW finish as the blade runs out of bracing,,,and then they try and throw their head over the boat as though that will lead the rest of the body. Doesn't work, the body leads and the head follows.

In Response to: Figured Out Eskimo Roll by Mike Y on Aug 21, 2006