Figured Out Eskimo Roll

Posted by Mike Y on Aug 21, 2006

Title says it. I bought The Kayak Roll DVD, which teaches a sweep roll. Watched it a bunch of times, trying to stuff the engrams into the noggin. Then went out and worked on hip flicks while holding bow of another boat. Watched it again, and next day went out and got it on second try.

Rolled a Pygmy Arctic Tern 14. Did it in the ocean at the Outer Banks of NC, far enough out so it was over our head. Fairly calm day. Had my son in a sit-on-top working support, pointing out where the old dog screwed up on his new trick, and moving in to assist for the failed rolls. After two fails, I'd stick my hand up and he'd drive in with his bow.

About a 25% success rate on rolling out of 12 tries. Letting the results soak in before next effort. It was wicked cool when it worked!