Re: fast learner

Posted by Mike Y on Aug 23, 2006

Thanks for the kudos and pointers, all. I'm pretty good at visualizing things ahead of time, I just refer to it as "beginner's luck" when people ask.

My cat actually helped in learning the roll. I picked up the lazy critter and dropped it upside-down on my bed a couple of times to watch it's "hip snap" as it turned in mid-air to land feet first...and then run out of the room.

My son emphasized "blow bubbles as long as possible" after the first failed roll, and I mentally visualized snaking my upper body up for the next. I flew out of the water. Yeeha! Got cocky and failed on the following effort, of course.

Going back out Friday to dosome more rolls. I used to teach flying in the Navy, and I would tell the students that they learn while relaxed in their easy chair with a beer mentally getting it fixed in their noggin. They just practice in the airplane. We'll see if I'm FOS or not.

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