Re: Cool - PMD Sailrig

Posted by John Pollard on Aug 18, 2006


That's an interesting concept. I have seen some daysailors that "reef" by rolling part of the sail around the unstayed mast. But I'm having trouble envisioning how it might work on a PMD. I suppose you could lash it, but how well I'm not sure. What concerns me is the row of reef points/cringles that would be required, running vertically 6-12 inches or so back from the luff. That leading edge area is a section of the sail that you don't want to muck-up. Essentially you'd be living with an impaired main most of the time, for the opportunity to reef "vertically" every now and then.

As for the second halyard attachment point that was discussed, I had considered that but didn't think it would work because of the tapered shape of the gunter yard (see photo below). Seems like the yard would try to pivot/lever over the widest point of the yard when the halyard was snugged. That is why I was focussing on a second parrel, to be affixed immediately below the widest point of the yard where the halyard normally attaches. But maybe the taper is not an issue?

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