Re: Cool - PMD Sailrig

Posted by John Pollard on Aug 18, 2006


You describe the reefing arrangement well. In fact, when we built the boom of our PMD we pre-configured it with just such a system. The reefing line for the clew reef cringle, for instance, leads from one side of the boom, up and thru the cringle, then over to the other side of the boom through a hole somewhat aft of the cringle, then forward from there on the underside of the boom where it terminates at a cleat just forward of the final mainsheet turning block. There is a similar arrangement for the tack reef cringle. Both can be handed easily from midships. All (!?) we have to do now is decide on the depth of the reef, add the grommets (cringles) to the sail, and finesse the second parrel, to throw in a reef while underway.

My kids use this boat for their own adventures, and sometimes conditions can change rapidly, so the system has to be flexible and relatively easy. I have to say, though, that after discovering how well we can "reef" with the roller furling jib, the whole mainsail reefing system has become less of a priority.

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