Re: Cool - PMD Sailrig

Posted by John Pollard on Aug 18, 2006

Jim, You might think so, but what holds the yard snug against the mast is the combination of an extremely tight, near zero-stretch halyard snugged right up to the halyard sheave, and the snug parrel about 3 feet below it. If you were to move the halyard attachment point further up the yard, and just not snug the yard up to the halyard sheave (in order to maintain the same relative angle), then I suspect the yard would behave pretty badly. Granted I have not tested this, but intuitively it doesn't sound right.

Also, detaching the halyard from it's normal operating position on the yard, and reattaching further up, requires fully lowering the mainsail. Not a big deal if you're on land, but underway that would be difficult to do in the conditions that require reefing. I'm looking for a simple reefing system that can be done quickly while underway if necessary. Time to experiment!

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