Re: Closed Cell Foam Seat

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 1, 2006

I think I'm the one who offered that little tidbit of pure genius, however accidental its origins may have been. Whatever, it's simple & elegant, just how we likes 'em best...

Cut the foam blank a couple inches too wide, then come back and cut notches in the sides to clear the cheek plates. Shape the bottom to fit, then carve out yer reverse fanny sculpture. Finally, cut the backside round to make it look cool, and increase storage back there (I fill my rumble seat space with empty water bottles). That's it!

The backband completes the entrapment nicely, and folding the seat a bit along the keel line allows for its easy removal. The tighter you cut the side notches, the more secure the installation will be... although mine are hideously loose, but have never blown out yet. And I put at least 15,000 freeway miles on my yaks every year, and drive like a madman too.

The photo doesn't exhibit the scheme worth a flip, but come to OkoumeFest and I'll show you how it works in person! (Be my luck the stupid seat blows out in Tennessee...)

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Closed Cell Foam Seats by Bill Brennan on Jun 1, 2006