Re: Closed Cell Foam Seat

Posted by LeeG on Jun 2, 2006

I would caution against using a power tool unless you've got the technique down, and the minicell is secured by something other than your body,the few times I tried the disc caught and off it ran. A course sanding disc will remove LOTS of minicell or skin,,especially on edge it'll act like a saw on soft things.

Starting with your block/glued block get pencil or marker and outline the edges of the cut. A V at the front of the seat for the high spot between your legs defining the inside of your thighs, parallel lines(to the v) following the outside of your thighs coming back to the semicircle at the back of the seat. All these lines are set in about 2" from the edges of the block.

Use a utility knife to cut 3/8" deep hash marks in the middle of your drawn out area,,more in the center than the edges. Use a 3 1/2" hole saw hand held to tear out chunks of minicell,,it'll come out in 1/4" sized pieces.

After you are down to 1" off the bottom for the sit bones start using a sanding disc hand held, 16-28 grit to smooth it out.

It should be flexible enough to put in the kayak and continue the carving with the sanding disc handheld untill you go to a finer finish or surface coating.

The carving around the sit bones at the immediate sides and back of the seat is what releives the pressure on your sciatic nerve,,LONG before simple under thigh support. Also the carving along the outside of your thighs will help a LOT for control on edging and reduce pressure on the knees/thigh bracing.

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