Re: Greenland paddles

Posted by M Davis on May 25, 2006


I have really enjoyed all your insightful posts and web site contributions. And I greatly admire your humor and all the valuable knowledge and experience you so generously share.

But I simply can no longer remain silent on a very serious subject - Greenland Paddles.

Kurt, do you have any idea of the extent of the damage to the economy your ranting promotions of GPs is causing? Just think of the legions of craftsman employed in the high-dollar carbon-fiber Euro-spoon paddle industry loosing their jobs because people are switching to Greenland paddles in droves and no longer buying their products. Think of all their children having to settle for public colleges instead of Ivey League schools. Very tragic.

Not to mention the wholesale devistation of old-growth Western Red Cedar forests to satisfy the insatiable lust for an 8 foot 2x4. And almost certianly, another. Will it ever stop? Shameful indeed.

So Kurt, in the interest of reason tone down your promotions of that insidiuos threat to life as we know it, the Greenland Paddle. Or not. And where is that site of yours on building them?

Happy building, MD

In Response to: Re: Greenland paddles by Kurt Maurer on May 24, 2006