Re: Greenland paddles

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 26, 2006

Hey, Lasz... thanks for takin' some of the pressure off me. Maybe MD's vision of millions of laid-off American workers in the paddle making industry won't come into quite so sharp a focus with your little intimation that carbon paddles are tons easier to make. I don't believe you for a minnit, by the way, but what the heck... I'll agree to anything that gives me breathing room.

But we still have that problem of whole forests of cedar and carbon fiber trees being wiped out in the popular quest for paddles. What are we gonna do about that? Huh? I'm depending on you man, don't be lettin' me down.

Mister Davis, my web page is linked below. The idea came straight from Ross Leidy (except I added cool tips), and the best part of this lamination style is that the "reveals" you see as you carve act as obvious visual indicators of where you're at. Kind of hard to explain, so you better come to OkoumeFest and let me show you what I mean.

Cheers, Kurt

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