Passagemaker Questions

Posted by Erik L on Jan 27, 2006

Hi all:

I’m about to order the Passagemaker kit. I’ll be using it under each of the areas it is designed for: rowing 1-3 people (it looks like a great platform to fly fish from), sailing (can’t wait), and I might stick a small electric motor on it once in a while. I have a few questions before I order it…

Rowing: - The sale page says it comes with “one pair of bronze oarlocks.” I think can I assume that includes the sockets, but you know what they say… - If I intend to row often with one passenger, should I order another set of sockets to mount in a position to row from the forward seat? - Are these the same ones listed under “Rowing Accessories?” - Do I need the risers?

Building: - I hear the 6” Deck plates are a good idea. Is there any REAL advantage to getting more than 1 per bulkhead or can you reach anything stuffed in there with just 1? - Are the plates mounted on top of the bulkhead horizontally or inside the dinghy vertically?

Sailing: - From the pictures it appears the helmsman sits inside the craft and not on the aft bulkhead. Is this strictly due to the tiller length, or can one find a comfortable position on the aft seat safely if maintaining a point of sail for a while?

I'm sure I'll have bunch of other questions as I progress. This forum (and Peter's blog) have been a great help already. I’m really looking forward to getting started. Thanks for your assistance!



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