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Posted by Peter on Jan 28, 2006

Erik- Here's my two cents, for what it may be worth-

Rowing: The Passagemaker kit comes with two pair of the wood risers. Off the top of my head I can't remember if two pair of bronze sockets are included. I'll have to go rummage through my hardware box to check on that. But one pair of oarlocks are included, so if you intend two simultaneous rowers, you'd need second pair of those.

On the topic of oars, I have observed some confusion. The preface in the instruction manual for the Passagemaker kit mentions using 7-1/2 foot oars. On the CLC "rowing accessories" web page, your will see 8-1/2 foot oars suggested. Then if one is to calculate the recommended size using the formula at a oar maker's web page ( based on Passagemaker dimensions, one comes up with a figure of almost 9 feet. I don't know how critical all this is for a casual oarsman, but I just wanted to point that out.

I have just received two 6" deck plates for my boat and will install them soon. The version you make-- standard or take-apart -- has an influence on inspection port placement. The aft one goes in the vertical bulkhead on the center line of the boat. I would expect this to provide good access to the whole compartment. (I test fitted my arm in the mounting ring for one, and six inches is plenty of room to get my whole arm in it.) The forward port in standard passagemakers goes in the bulkhead, but must be placed off center to avoid the position of the mast step support. I can see this might complicate removing small items if they manage to migrate to the opposite side of the mast step support from the deck plate, but a little tilt-and-tip maneuver once on land would easily fix that. On the take-apart version, the inspection port goes on the horizontal seat surface. Once again, I assume off center, to avoid the mast step location.

As for sailing, I am yet a few months away from getting mine in the water. I'll defer to someone who has actually sailed a Passagemaker.

BTW, you are instructed on the secret meaning of HT4K once you are initiated into the brother- (and sister-) hood of CLC boat owners!

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