Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by paul on Oct 10, 2005

Sleep in a kayak ?!!!

What, are you nuts !!! :)

I've slept in mummy bags numerous times, but a kayak would be like a plywood mummy bag. Regular mummy bags are soft-sided and snug but you can still roll around in your sleep.

Also keep in mind that a kayak narrows down to a point. Depending on the length of the boat and your height you may not end up with anything more than a few inches of width for your feet. Movement would be all but impossible once you're wedged in.

Even with the limited beach areas in your neck of the woods I would suggest looking into the best camping gear for your terrain. How about a sleeping hammock ?

Just my $.02

In Response to: Do I need a kayak? by James on Oct 10, 2005