Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by FrankP on Oct 11, 2005

Why not use the kayak instead of a tent and still use the mummy? That's what I envisioned, but maybe that's not what James meant. Unless he's a big guy, sleeping in a Chessy 17 or Chessy 18 wouldn't have to be particularly uncomfortable at all, especially with a few minor modifications...maybe a mod in the cockpit that gives it a flat bottom internally with the standard hull shape. Heavy, but certainly doable. And range of movement isn't something a kayak will hinder any more than a mummy bag anyway. Stability when rolling over while sleeping might be an issue, but nothing a couple of well placed rocks wouldn't prevent.

Your idea of a hammoc works great, if you have no need of shelter and there are trees you can hang it from. I may have misread his intentions, but I believe the kayak was to be a last ditch "shelter" if there was no space to pitch a tent or whatever.


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