Re: Do I need a kayak?

Posted by Rex on Oct 10, 2005

Sure you can sleep uncomfortably in a kayak without bulkheads, but why? The best option is to get out on dry land although I realize that may not be possible in the tules of the Sacremento delta. For most of my river tripping I've used a solo canoe which has more space for equipment but has the same problems with sleeping area. Another possible sail boat option would be the "Duster" a small catboat with decking. My uncle originally designed this boat back in the 1940's as a plywood boat that any boy could build in his garage. Such boys are as hard to find as the Dusters are now, but I've heard my uncle cruised in the Chesapeake Bay with this. I'd like to get my hands on some plans for the Duster if anyone has them.

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