Homebuilt seats in MC16.5

Posted by Tom M. on Oct 5, 2005

Has anyone ever made custom seats and seatback for a MillCreek 16.5? If so, I'd like to see photos and hear how they work and how you made them. My wife and I just took a 9 miles afternoon trip in the MC and our back and behinds are downright hurtin'! I don't want to spend the kind of money that the Creature Comfort seat costs. I've noticed some have used minicell foam, which I'd like to do. My biggest concern is the seat backs...I'm not sure a typical kayak hanging seatback would work. I'm not sure how it would be supported, especially for the seat in the front of the cockpit. I also need it adjustable/moveable as when I'm alone, I reposition one seat to be more centered in the boat.