Re: Homebuilt seats in MC

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 18, 2006

Hi Jon and Tom,

I have to admit that Suz and I wimped out and bought an L.L. Bean padded seat for our MC 13... Very cool.

I too used webbing and buckles to hook the back of the seat into the boat... In my case, I drilled one-quarter inch holes in the hanging knees, secured several heavy nylon cable ties thru those holes and then clipped the seat strap onto the cable tie loops... Simple, rugged, and easily replaced. I also set up a similar cable-tie system on the side of the seat so that the seat can be removed and used as a beach chair. Lacking hanging knees I would have epoxied some sort of brace in place and then taken the same route.

Hope this helps... If you need pictures, let me know...

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