deckbeam mistake

Posted by Kurt Freewald on Sep 5, 2005

Greetings! While preping the deck for instalation I realized I have glued the deck beam an inch to short. instead of 851/2" its 841/2"(ooops!). and if the aft deck is supposed to be an inch past the rear bulkhead my cockpit coaming tip is an inch shy of the deckbeam so i wont be able to nail it during instalation. Does anyone know what i should do? I was thinking: 1) I could just install the aft deck an inch further up so the coaming reaches the deck beam. If its an inch further up would that make the cockpit uncomfortable or awkward? or 2) I could just install the aft deck where its supposed to be and only glue the coaming...would not using the nails be a problem? Hope this isn't to big of a problem. Im definately open to any sugestions! Thanks a lot