Re: deckbeam mistake

Posted by Howard on Sep 5, 2005


I am a bit confused by your description. First, if the deck beam is an inch farther forward than it is supposed to be, that is really not a big issue. the worse issue is when you put the deck beam too far back and have to cut it in order to place your coaming.

Secondly, I have never heard of nailing the deck to the deck is secured with cabosil-thickend epoxy. when the deck is placed over the deck beam, a spring clamp or two would be used to hold it againt the deck beam in the middle of the deck.

An inch off is really not going to effect the structure. it will be close enough to the coaming stack to provide plenty of support for the deck. In most of my boats, fwiw, i try to have the rear edge of the front of the coaming between 1/4 to 1/2 inch back from the aft edge of the deck beam.

I would suggest option 2 as the easiest. I am not a big fan of moving the designed seating postion...even though i doubt 1" would make a difference that you could feel. as you don't have the deck on yet, you can also easily cut it out and reinstall it in the exact location you want. that would be my option 2 before moving stuff around a lot.

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