Re: Multi-color staining

Posted by Mark Dehnart on Jun 12, 2005

oopps. sorry hit the wrong button.

To add to the answers for your question, Steve is correct. Tape will not the bleeding of the stain in between colors. But never fear, I just accomplished multi-coloring staining a design on my Chesepeake-18. It can be done. I wish I could add a picture, but I don't have one yet. This is an intricate Haida (North West Coastal Indian) design depicting an orca, raven, shaman, and moon.

Any way, to stop the stain from leaching beyond the lines I wanted. I used a very sharp Scapel to cut through the top layer of wood. By severing the top layer of wood fibers, it kept the stain from leaching or wicking. I still took great care in applying the stain to limit any chance of the stain leaching beyond my boundaries. I used 3 different colors, with no problems. ...I think it looks great. Good Luck

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