Re: Multi-color staining

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 12, 2005

You do want people to know its a wood kayak right? I think the wood is pretty enough in its natural color not to need stain or a change in color. Heck use paint if you want to change the color.

But on to your actual questions -

Fine line will not stop stain. It will soak right into the wood grain under the tape.

Metalflake looking epoxy? I think I would add some glitter to the first coat of varnish with a salt shaker over the just coated yak while the varnish was still tacky. Do some tests panels first to be sure you get it right. Then add about 4 more coats and sand it all smooth and finish off with a coat or two more. It would be almost impossible to get it on evenly mixed into the goo (epoxy) and if you did not like the results, well then you would be SOL.

In Response to: Re: Multi-color staining by Dave on Jun 11, 2005