Re: Multi-color staining

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 12, 2005

I think a 6 year old would be plenty happy with all those colors painted on if she could be the one who selects the colors at the paint store. I am not sure that the subtle nature of stained wood would do it for a 6 year old. At least it would not have for mine when they were 6.

My current project ( a ply on sawn frame outboard runabout skiff) is to be painted with Benjamin Moore M22 Alkyd Urethane Industrial Enamel. Very close product to the Interlux I think. Glossy and hard as nails. Wonderful stuff. Comes in any color Benjamin Moore has in their database since the paint comes in a tint base. Its for my youngest daughters 18th birhday/graduation and she selected the exact shade of kelly green she wanted. Off white ivory interior with just enough varnish accents to make dad (who likes to varnish) happy. Fun!

The kayak I built for the older daughter was done in cad yellow per her selection.

Before you stain wood try taking her to a paint store to select colors. Might be fun and save you a bunch of work.

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