Re: Call Me

Posted by George K on May 31, 2005


I don't think that's a problem. I live where they soften the crap out of our water and total hardness is around 90 ppm. I use a moist towel every now and then to de-dust the boat and have never had a problem with subsequent coats of epoxy adhering. I've built three boats and have not had any epoxy batches not work and I've used MAS and System 3. I am meticulous, however, when it comes to mixing a batch. I have a 3/8" dowel about 10" long with 6 1" drywall nails epoxied in it and chuck that thing in a drill on medium speed. I mix batches up to 6 oz for at least three minutes and larger batches get a minute or two longer. I'm pretty sure I'm over mixing but you have an hour or so to use the stuff so what's a minute or two extra mixing? Anyway, three boats later and no bad epoxy stories, I must be doing something right!

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