Let's be careful....

Posted by CLC on May 31, 2005

.....to distinguish between "humidity" and falling dew. Matt got some dew on the surface of epoxy that was in the midst of curing. Not in itself a big deal; his coat #1 cured normally, you'll recall. But on the surface was a greasy film that came about as a result of dewfall, and this film defeated coat #2. As long as a surface that has "blushed" is cleaned off before the next coat of epoxy is applied, everything's cool.

There's a danger here of "Be careful about building outside when there's dew falling" devolving into "You can't use epoxy if it's humid outside!" Heat and humidity is fine for boatbuilding. Just be mindful of surface contamination before applying epoxy, paint, or varnish.

In Response to: Best Guess... by Matt Croce on May 31, 2005