Best Guess...

Posted by Matt Croce on May 31, 2005

OK, the best guess we can get right now is one of two things -- either my dryer vent put out some contamination, or there was too much moisture / humidity in the air when the epoxy was applied.

I don't think it was the dryer, simply because I've been working there the entire time, and haven't had the problem before. Also the fact that it was the side AWAY from the vent that was most effected, and the keel panels were not very effected at all, despite being the horizontal surface on which the stuff would've landed / stuck.

So that leaves humidity / moisture. I didn't know this would be an issue, or I would've put up my *&*&^% tent and run the space heater like I've always done before. Best I can figure, is that as I worked (it was late at night), and the air cooled, moisture condensed out of the air and formed a light sheen of dew on the boat, preventing the 2nd coat from adhereing.

In any case, I'm going to go back, sand off all of the crap, try not to cut through to the wood in TOO many areas, and then patch up the holes with glass and reapply the 2nd coat, but ONLY after a good washdown with solvent and I WILL use my tent this time...


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