Re: Dynel Rub Strips

Posted by Matt Croce on May 27, 2005

Eh..ok...maybe I shouldn't hit "enter" right after typing the "subject line"...

Anyways, I have the glass and first layer of epoxy on the hull; I'm pretty happy with it, and I don't think I overdid the epoxy like I did on the inside.

Here's my question: I bought the rub strip kit from CLC; I'm not sure I want to completely use it the way they suggest. I'd like to incorporate the dynel into the hull a little more seamlessly, while I'm doing the glassing / epoxying of the hull. Does the Dynel wet out clear like the fiberglass does? Will it be ALMOST as abrasion resistant if I don't use the graphite / epoxy mix on it? (i.e. just use regular epoxy)

I'm hoping that I can just use the dynel strips on the bow and stern areas, and feather them in as I add the epoxy.

Any input?

Thanks Matt

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