Brass Pilot Holes

Posted by Mac on Jun 1, 2005

Karl, you sure got THAT right.

I have a machined vise block that I use with my drill press for such jobs. I found, with the brass oval that I used, that the backside is slightly concave. I drilled my holes initially through the back to keep the bit from wandering. Then I flipped the strip over and drilled my countersinks for the screw heads.

When it came time to install along the keels, I taped the strips in place, drilled my pilot holes and screwed in a steel screw of the same dimension as my soft brass. Once backed-out, and the hole filled with slippery 3M 5200 silicone, the brass screws went in like a charm.

(By the way - I'm no genius - I'd broken off a brass screw too! (&$^**$)).

I sure love these brass strips. I'll probably never bash them up like the Mcadamses, but they're pretty, and look like they belong there.

Thank's for the tip, Terry.

In Response to: Brass Rub Strips by Karl on Jun 1, 2005