Re: Rackin it to the beer

Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 10, 2005

Is it an extended cab truck? If so, have you considered going with the recommended Thule or Yakima setup for your truck, pretend the cap wasn't there? If your cap extends only 1" or 2" above the cab of the truck, clearance wouldn't be a problem. There's atleast an inch or two of airspace from the roof to the bottom of the bar, the bar is 3/4" or so thick, add a little for a pad (or a quite a bit for saddles of any kind), haul them right-side-up and not upside-down, and your boats would clear a topper 3" or 4" taller than the cab. Depending on your truck model, that might be your sturdiest option, though probably not the most convenient.

In Response to: Rackin it to the beer can by Chris on Mar 10, 2005