Re: Rackin it to the beer

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 10, 2005

Hey, nuthin' to it. Get a sheet of construction grade 3/4" plywood, and make a couple of "forms" that you can attach to the inside of the can with "tin roof" screws from the outside. The forms will match the shape of the can, and be something like 6" x 3/4" in cross section.

Then mount the racks with plywood or amuminum backer plates on the inside, near the formers, or better yet, to the formers themselves with angle brackets or what have you... The idea being, of course, is that you transfer the load on the racks to the plywood formers, and thence directly down the the bed rails, the whole time leaving the topper out of it altogether.

If it helps at all, try to envision making up a rack system for a clear bed that has no camper shell at all, and then adapt it to work *with* one.

Lord, I hope at least some of this made sense.

Cheers, Kurt

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