Rackin it to the beer can

Posted by Chris on Mar 10, 2005

I have one of those beer can style caps on my pickup. It does not inspire me with confidence. I figure if I set it up right I should be able to support two boats up there. Ideally I could use the cab to support half of the weight.

Here are the details: It is unlabeled, but most likely a unicover 800 w/out the utility rack. I have a bedliner and I'm not sure that the posts that you insert between the bed and the cap would work because of this. The cap is 1-2" taller than the cab. There are gutters on the cap, but I would need to try a variety of things to see if they would work. I'd need to get a bunch of different model gutter clamps and just try them. There are a number of options for installing tracks or pads for Yakima or Thule style systems. I would have to install them around the crossbeams in the beer can. Not sure how much weight it could handle.

Any ideas. Someone else out there has to have an aluminum cap and haul a boat around. The Ch16LT should be done in May or June, so I have a little time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.