Finishing questions

Posted by Karl on Mar 7, 2005

Here's my conundrum. I varnished the hull towards the end of last week (I'm using Epifanes). After roughly 24 hours, I flipped it and varnished the deck. Once again after about 24 hours I flipped the boat again to work on the hull. I saw a few runs, so I figured I'd hit them with the carbide scraper first, then feather them in afterwards with 320 grit. As soon as I hit the hull sides with the paper, it seemed to load right up... to the point where the paper would leave trails of scratches if I tried to sand anymore than about a foot, foot and a half at a shot. Not being patient enough to leave well enough alone at this point I changed paper frequently, went through a whole pack of paper and (I thought), finished the job. I used some of the Epifanes thinner on a rag and wiped down the hull, then applied the next coat. Stepping back and looking down the hull with a critical eye, I can see some of the drag lines that I created from the loaded sandpaper underneath the new coat of varnish. Any input as to what to do next/what I did wrong would be apreciated. I'm not looking to build a coffee table here, it's a boat, but I'm not happy with the current situation either.