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Posted by Mac on Mar 7, 2005


Deja Vu !

Did exactly the same thing with my first boat last year. (Looked OK 'till the sunlight hit it, and underneath what I thought was my final coat I saw sanding scuffs).

I let it harden up for about 3 days and went over the complete surface with 120 grit finishing up to 320, and applied 2 more coats. I think what is important is that the surface texture and appearence (clarity) be uniform.

I've sure learned that varnish hides nothing.

Just before you apply varnish, go over your work with a really wet clean rag. It'll clean the surface and give you a good idea of how the varnish will look. And look at it in strong, even light.

Sigh - more sanding! (Zen time).

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