Re: MC13 Wood

Posted by Steve Miller on Jan 11, 2005

Built according to the directions/plans you will need another sheet for the deck. The instructions have you cut strips of ply, scarf and then layout the individual planks. It can be done the other way aa CLC just posted. Kurt's famous Pair o' Mill Creeks website shows it.

I have seen very nice 6566 ply. I have also seen BS1088 that was not that nice. It has nothing to do with paint or varnish but as CLC said - voids or other issues. If you can get the 1088 use it.

3mm or 4mm is your choice. I think the decks on the boats used to be 3mm. I used 3mm on my MC13 deck but used 6 oz glass. So far its very strong. I did not put deck hatches in though. Used bulkhead mounted ones.

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