Re: MC13 Wood

Posted by Gober on Jan 11, 2005

OK here is what I did and my mistakes.

I bought 2 sheets of 4mm and 1 sheet of 6 mm. I did not use the offsets; I traced the full sized prints on to some crappy 4.99 luaun. The cut pieces matched the prints great. After they were cut from the 1088 and scarfed, the scarfs didnít want to match up to give the proper arch so I had to adjust it. Then after gluing I realized the arch for bilge was still about an inch low. It stitched fine but I was worried. I may have a tad more rocker because of it.

If you go with only one sheet for all hull pieces you will have to use the trace the prints method instead of ripping, scarfing then offsets. The benefit to this, I laid my hull pieces very close together matching the grain for bilge and sheer for each side. It was tricky but finished product looks nice. Now there were times that I wished I had bought the $28.00 extra sheet and used offsets, I would have worried less.

Check out Kurtís website I study it all the time.

I did have a small void in one of my 1088 sheets ľ inch wide and 6 inches long but I was able to cut around it.

The material is very forgiving.

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