Re: planing shear clamps

Posted by Gayle Rhodes on Dec 17, 2004

Dave, your technique produces a very nice trim line. Having not built a boat with a shear clamp, I'm trying to make sure I understand the details of how you did it. When you glue the shear clamp to the shear panel, does the clamp sit higher than the shear panel edge...if so, by how much, so that you end up with the 1/8" line when finished? Then if I understand it, you would plane the shear panel to the right shape, install the deck, then plane/shape the deck edge to blend in with the shear clamp and the shear panel. So you end up seeing three "edges" - the deck edge, the shear clamp (1/8"), and the shear panel edge. Is that about right? Thanks. Gayle

In Response to: Re: planing shear clamps by Dave Houser on Dec 17, 2004