Re: installing shear clam

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 18, 2004

Dan, unless you've planned on leaving some shear exposed from day one, Mac and Doug's response is correct. Plane enough cypress away so that the side panels and deck panels meet AND the shape of the sheer clamp conforms to the deck angle. There will probably some small errors in planing, there always are, if these errors are such that a small gap between the sheer clamp and the deck on the INSIDE edge of the sheer clamp instead of causing a gap between the side panel and the deck, that small gap on the inside does no harm, will fill with epoxy. Any small gap on the outside shows. In other words, planing the sheer clamps a little too much on the inside edge is preferable to planing them too little on the inside edge. Ofcourse, if you plane them perfectly you wont have too worry about gaps on either the inside or the outside of your boat 8-).

Dave, I also noticed from your website that you rigged a sliding is that working out? Did you leave it adjustable just long enough to find the right trim for you or is it still adjustable? Wonderful boat! Recessed coaming, soft padeyes, vanishing deck lines (may or may not be the right term?)......I'm wondering if you could post or e-mail me a bigger version of the on-the-water photo from your page, I'm interested to see how much the beveled coaming affected the coaming's height above the waterline....

I got to thinking this morning that my remark that people could find your pic by "cut and paste" was incorrect in the first place, it should have been "copy and paste"....what I meant was they could put the mouse cursor over the box in your message where the pic should be, RIGHT-click (brings up a dialog box), select "Properties" and left-click. That opens up a window which probably has in the middle of it a description of "URL" or "Address", highlight all of that info with the mouse, move the cursor up to the word "Edit" on top of your browser window, left-click (opens up a dialog box), select "Copy". THEN.....use the mouse to highlight all of the information currently in your browser's address bar at the top of the screen (white for most people, might be something else for some), move the mouse cursor back up to the word "Edit" at the top of the screen, open up that dialog box again, and selece "Paste". That should put all of the address info you copied into the address bar of your this case (as happens frequently on the board) you'll see that the http:// part of the message is repeated so that it reads http://http://, which is why the picture doesn't come up. That idea came from the webpage design comany's "Department of Redundancy Department". Use the mouse and the keyboard to edit the info in the address bar so that it has only one http://, follows with some other stuff, then ends with ".jpg" and hit the "Go" button, should show you a picture. Takes longer to read this nonsense than to actually do, sorry for the long post, but I forget that some people actually have lives and don't spend their free time sitting around playing with mice......

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